Forgotten Thoughts of Forgotten People

Istanbul Ataturk Airport, 06/28/2016


NO! Kunefe!

All the deserts that people have not yet discovered the beauty of outside of Turkey pass through your mind, as you board your plane taking you back home to Istanbul. And the desserts remind you about all the drinks.

As soon as I land, I need that Turkish coffee to calm down!

Or maybe, Turkish tea is what I need to relax

Why not both?

And then suddenly, your hunger due to the long flight reminds you of all the food your parents and grandparents made for you…

I can start with the dolma

Then move on to the kisir

Do I want imam bayildi tonight

Or should I eat the borek tomorrow morning for breakfast?

No breakfast is for sure menemen!

Then you land and the doors open allowing you to see you parents waiting for you. And all you can think about, as you hold your evil eye necklace is how happy and grateful you are to be home with —

**Deafening noise and then Silence**

Besiktas, 12/10/2016

Siyah [1]




En buyuk …


And the smokes rise as the ferries that leave the port in Kadikoy and soar through the bosphorus to reach Besiktas.

Besiktasim benim …

… biricik sevgilim[4]!

The entire stadium shakes with the amount of people entering way too excited for another game.

Gucune guc katmaya geldik!

Formanda ter olmaya geldik[5]!

Shouting continues as Besiktas wins another game. People jump up and down half from excitement and joy and half to keep themselves warm in this cold snowy December night.

Besiktas’im seninle olmeye geldik[6]


**Deafening noise and then Silence **

Reina Nightclub, 01/01/2017

The bosphorus is beautiful

Look at the lights from the bridge dancing on the sea

The beauty of the bosphorus mesmerizes you every time no matter what. Even when you are dancing outside on new years. The cold cannot distract you from the beauty. All you can do is keep dancing to keep warm and think about that warm soup that will help you sober up later on


Iskembe soup

Then the Turkish coffee will sober us up.

But the walk next to sea as the sun comes up

And seagulls wake up

And smell of simit fills up Istanbul

Is when you kno—

** Deafening Noise and then Silence**


Here are some of the thoughts that I can only imagine people were having on the days that they lost their lives due to terrorist attacks in Istanbul. Most mundane thoughts about daily life and the beauties of home and life, these are the thoughts that are unfinished and were stolen from so many. These are the thoughts of, unfortunately, forgotten people. I hope this small tribute reminds us about them and their lives and their loved ones.


[1] Black

[2] White

[3] The greatest team is Besiktas

[4] Besiktas my dearest love!

[5] We have come to add strength to your strength / We have come to be the sweat on your jersey

[6] We have come to die with you Besiktas



Photograph: Üsküdar, 1957 by Ara Güler

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