Providence’s Street Sign Gallery

I’m off to an art gallery,

Though not in the conventional sense.

It doesn’t have a collection that’s limited

By wealth

Or connections

And admission is always free.


All it really takes to be showcased

In this, my favorite, gallery is

The desire to express oneself

(and the humble means that make it possible).


In case you haven’t realized

(though I certainly hope you have)

I’m not talking about

Canvas paintings on matte-white walls or

Marble statues on humble pedestals.

I’m talking about

Stickers on street signs.


Perhaps you hadn’t realized the streets

Of Providence (and most any city)

Are full of art.

You need only tear yourself away

From habitual monotony,

By looking around

Paying attention to the city

To the environment you exist in

(and help to define).


It’s funny

How the endless of repetition of stickers

Gets swallowed by the dull hum of the city

And gets reduced to visual white noise

But within those ambient sights

Lies unbridled creativity.


And without further ado,

I present a small sample of

Providence’s Street Sign Gallery:


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